Mission / Objectives


Our mission is to promote the field, the principles and methods of patristic psychology both nationally and internationally.
The Association of Patristic Psychology Praxis comes to fill the void created by the absence of a systematic and rigorously researched approach to the human soul that is consistent with the biblical and patristic tradition.

Our objectives are put to work by activities such as:

Intra and interdisciplinary research activities offering a study basis mostly for specialists in the fields of theology and psychology as well as medicine, philosophy, history, classic languages, philology, social assistance, law etc, according to the type of inquiry and projects carried on;

Information sessions for specialists and the general public regarding the concept, methods and principles underlying patristic psychology;

Organizing courses, seminars, conferences, symposiums, public debates, camps, summer schools etc;

Training specialists in this field by organizing professional training courses;

Producing, translating, editing and delivering periodicals, books, fliers, posters, brochures, various research on request, instruction and promotion materials, etc;

Offering consultancy, advice, mediation and assistance in line with the purposes of the association;

Developing its own programmes and/ or in collaboration and partnership with other education providing institutions and private and/or public administration authorities, home-based and abroad, or other similar organizations, applicable in fields such as: education, social assistance, health, etc.