Our mission is to promote the field, the principles and methods of patristic psychology both nationally and internationally.

   The Association of Patristic Psychology Praxis comes to fill the void created by the absence of a systematic and rigorously researched approach to the human soul that is consistent with the biblical and patristic tradition.


     The vision of the Association is reflected in the principles that were the basis of its constitution and guides all its activities:

    The Principle of Coherence – expressed through fidelity to the tradition of patristic texts, and which is underlined in the Association subtitle: For a Science of the Soul into Tradition.

    The Principle of Anamnesis – manifested by recalling and translating the patristic conception on man, understood in its unity of body and soul, into a contemporary discourse.

    The Principle of Openness – manifested through rendering accessible the universality of the patristic message to all the categories concerned, irrespective of their specificities.

Welcome all!

   It’s been a long time since the field of patristic psychology became for me a home where I develop my professional activity and where I like to share besides the results of my research, past and present, a vision of life, a state, a way of being together and fully becoming what each of us essentially are: perfect images of Love.

   The Association of Patristic Psychology Praxis represents this privileged space of achieving and sharing of research, clinical experience and practical knowledge which are based on texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago, but which are as vivid as the human soul from all times and places in its inner anatomy is.

     I hope you will find in our pages and services the research direction and praxis that will lead you to finding answers as close as possible to your personal and professional interests. I do also hope that according to the opening of each we will find each other along our journeys towards the within in the words of St Photios the Great: ‘There is nothing more full oflove than the Truth’.

     With the joy of sharing-into-knowledge,
     Executive President,