THE MOTTO under which all our personal development courses are held is: ’Knowledge deepens and enhances the mystery’ – Simona Ciobanu, PhD.

The President of our Association, Simona Ciobanu, PhD, has placed the whole activity of researching, creating and teaching the personal development courses under this motto, since holding the first course on self-knowledge, starting 2018.

THE GUIDING PATRISTIC PRINCIPLE which underlies the development of courses and the self-working method is this: ’Good is not good unless done right.’


The course has been carried out within the Association by Simona Ciobanu, PhD, and Alexandru Nechifor, PhDc, starting 2020.

The topics of the modules were chosen based on observing the Active Sustainers’ needs of personal development, after going through the first two years of workshops.

All the modules concerning emotions commonly address the following elements:

1. Identifying emotions correctly;
2. Emotion management;
3. Healing the faculties of the soul afflicted by the presence of emotions in excess or deficit.

The stages of the course design:

1. The interdisciplinary research of each topic;
2. The selection of the intervention lines with direct impact on the level of personal development;
3. The design of applied exercises aimed at: self-sight, identifying and solving various blockages, activating the mechanism of inner change, etc. The exercises are applied to oneself and can be: individual, in pairs, in a sub-group or in a group;
4. Elaborating the conceptual clarifications intended to endorse the correct meanings of the realities the person is put in touch with.


1. Emotion management according to the principles of patristic psychology;
2. Creating a community as support-environment for individual inner growth.


By way of example, you can find below some of the topics addressed within the course:

  • The anatomy of inner experience. Case study: the emotion of discontentment;
  • The emotion of The Truth and the emotion of lying – opposing perspectives;
  • The emotion of empathy. Healthy frameworks. Pathologies in excess and deficit;
  • The emotion of joy. How to contain it. Pathologies in excess and deficit;
  • The emotion of sadness. Pathologies in excess and deficit;
  • The forms of pain and its experience. Pathologies in excess and deficit;
  • The emotion of humbleness. Pathologies in excess and deficit;
  • The inner dissipation. Opposing perspectives with humility.


  • The course is structured in nine modules;
  • It usually follows the academic calendar structure  (October  – June); for additional information please visit: When will other courses be organized and how can I apply?
  • They can be organized in physical and/ or online format;
  • Taking part in the course requires attending all modules, signing a Course Regulation and  Nondisclosure Agreement;
  • The course is deeply formative and transformative. In order to achieve its goal, respecting The Inner Work Protection Rules and committing towards the personal praxis is needed. Therefore, a conscious and responsible choice of the course is required.
  • Course completion does NOT involve obtaining a certificate of attendance or any other form of certification.


  • The course can be accessed by persons who already have or acquire the quality of Active Symphathiser of the Association; 
  • Priority is given to those who already have the Active Symphathiser status, regardless of their previous academic training; 
  • Those who acquire the quality of Active Symphathiser along with this course enrollment will additionally go through a preliminary interview during the selection phase;
  • For additional information please visit the section: SYMPATHISER.


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